View Full Version : Sculptron..Sculpting meshes and converting to VDB-VDB works in Lightwave.

12-05-2019, 04:32 AM
I know Sculptron is also in third party thread, but I think it may yield a little more interest in this section which seems to be read by more people.

Otoy released their new sculptin tool called sculptron, You can sculpt a mesh and check a volumetric preview, then just save it out to VDB, and in lightwave add a null and make it a vdb primitive and load that vdb file in, so sculpting a cloud is now easier.
Though the New VDB tools with mesh to volume can convert to vdb, I think the workflow of sculptron is easier, faster and more overseable since you can sculpt and check the preview, a similar approach would be to use metamorphic and then the vdb tools.

Now ..the alpha version is available for free for a limited time, and I checked so that the vdb import to lightwave works as it should and it does, no issues.
You have to go to the otoy forums and check for the sculptron release though, itīs not up on display on the main otoy page.

Check 0:27 in to the vid where the volumetric is displayed, the rest is just similar mesh morph sculpting as chronosculpt and metamorphic.

Hereīs also my youtube posted first impressions after just a few minutes of testing...currently I see a little annoyance in the way a noise could be applied, and the fact that you have to use velocity noise advection if you want that extra noise detail, and in lightwave that is a bit slow to use as workflow, while importing it to houdini and just apply a cloud noise would be easier and faster to do.

Just installed it, not large in memory, and installs quicly and not mess with server licensing etc.
I think the UI could be polished a bit, both in terms of font style thickness, and also general UI colors, windows could use rescaling by dragging, and values are only changable by entering it numericly, I would like to see a slide value changing option...noticed this for the volumetric tab, the others seem to work as they should.
Middle mouse click and rotate/orbit the mesh ..just like in blender rather than alt and mous click, one hand operation is to prefer I think.
I could not see any remesh tool ala dyntopo, that is what I need for it to be of real interest, along with a snake hook tool that creates new geometry when drawing.

I prefer zooming in when moving the mouse inwards, and not the other way around.
I also noticed that you can not use comma characters, and that is bad, I hate to switch from the numeric tab to the letter tab where the point character is.
Volumetric autorefresh option would be nice, and I think the volumetric noise misses a scale function rather relying on voxel size?
and the volumetric noise seem to be stretching on top of the volume and not distributed properly and even on top of the volumetrics, apart from that ..more noise types to choose from for the volumetrics, currently there is none that the main settings.

And it loads nice in to lightwave when importing VDB, no issues the first test anyway, so nice.
I reckon I could go with the workflow of sculpting with dyntopo and snake hook in blender, import as obj and convert to vdb, send to Lightwave if needed, or use in blender, what I would need is that noise function being improved upon either in sculptron, or improved advection noise on static VDB inside of Lightwave, currently you have to simulate in timeline and use velocity advection for any decent volume noise in Lightwave, while in houdini you simply apply the cloud noise which works a bit differently and static and much better.

I hope the post is okay on this section since you can advance on sculpting and previewing a volumetric cloud for instance before converting to vdb...and using with Lightwave.