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11-22-2019, 11:02 AM
I got a little flashback the other day and was revisiting some particleVFX fiddlings, I find it relaxing to push particles with fractal textures, either directly in vector channels in the emitter, or in wind forces, or combining standard turbulence force with the motion in the particle emitters velocity, driven by the fractal textures.

The two first in the album is a very old experimental render, also used after effects for some glow and some turbulence and slight slight blur.

The other newer ones, I use simple geometry, like a simple sphere, but I select the middle edge loop on the sphere horizontally, and then a new middle edge loop verticly, and I think another one with rotated angle, just copied the edges in edge mode, kill the polys and paste the edges back, now I only got edge loop rings, but no other surface polys, save and send to layout, when I add an emitter, it will then start to emitt from the edges only, as opposite to if I had a sphere only, then you would get the whole sphere emitting particle, but this approach is a bit interesting to me, with a main skeleton that is used to spawn the particles, the rest is just a matter of setting up the right textures to drive the particles away from the skeleton with nice undulations, then adding hypervoxels.3.0 sprites, use no hypertextures, and only small small particle sizes, some color in particle age, and lowering opacity to make sure intersecting particles illuminates a bit extra where they cross, gather and meet.

the first images that is old, the same as I have on my banner ( I need to do a better one though) I think I used over one million particles, the other later render images is a bit lower, around 300 000 particles to 500 000 particles, the images that have a streaming quality, that is handled by some velocity stretching, but also with the use of object emitter line type, when the particles is more random diffused scattere, I use the object surve emitter type.

The second image down below I think I just use a straight line cross type, but to horizontal lines, for the poly edges.

See album here....I may or may not fill that upp with more ParticleFX depending on inspiration, I would also like to push it from 6 million to 8 million and more if I can handle the waiting of the particles to settle.


https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/XKcfvh38jwKT2qPVzJ2wkA574RP0SXwP6Iuz9bS4mnJHzNoXgx EAdE1Tk1EhV3HQxygYtTPfL0m1aP15bOokgS3Fast-CGDllJSo1msEP50baeC6WKN1Hfa8oMgJmKIq5-izgdQoj6hYRm4i1q5_fyK6rYPH-ewcNbhlQ3qSqSf_i9ZwP_MGYVvauBLbXrGb4-ZDIzC9GRWH26vu3zlGoRy4_jYhdzfKTfyu67kmwhwFzwVjcwrY wKGpIE2SRe2HDMV12NtgDyC8o5cVpFdUQTImmm34RkimdFWkkQ 5EiDLFULsXq9tp2eZR5HwdfJ9Csr22gwDAs-hpgXl0FFZ8nh5t8_PAZFrYUeei1kUPY3Jl_AT5Z1PgbNVPsLNa SQc3eENny8Z8Xj5rCo_-SnBXlLGH15Y0CG4MF_DNtrjsKvPhF_93jLkFoAFNcjAAUVm7wO JCNRJewYzE2yuEHZ9bZzE4SoRlHovJ-pCgJuIBiTy145SSzXxaZG63oet-jxd09eYZCGXfTLfcgTn0dEclwUt7wK9ns3HVteq2eTKFQvf9oF 0lK6bRyaikBctbLe0ub8XMzyfI5EiR4CJvqSV8DmM2dIzvuNbv FvU5fR_ORpUQeLv0_6tjrx1LXzWlvrqBaT6oT9RbMxg_nkr3RW 6yziKnPsTb4zenn3SPMxJ1EB2aUucjmVY1uMQ=w1665-h1046-no

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/bQ0QWbOQcsLKp_v1-vAyObZjjN1ajAKVDbjGdNa8UUysZXXDDQj1ib3Z-FdglyU0_oQPzwu99StQR9jyVvuhmuS0EZygT_0OUqH9ztj66St NY1u_dqTHp0J0D_y5D0qP09tZvQ9WPqShj7lXZfx42FiA65m2q f31NABMxhaZBUA8UiZ2i_OfHWPcxVk_OZDeKawKU6mXN9nBsim Q-3vl9Ux9fUPRJ-XH3xE9U_70wkDcwcSnUy7jCPy-TDHit10Wcf9H2V6PUuYT6gTsOo7ytfWjTV16U1G-WsPqpJ9k4tCEuV4vNbSklsnkM8J0J1weIW2zPEttCJiouvulBi vWGMacmZxoKtxCLhaGk7i8yHoSrGn-2dhclmSsl6-QaYixBBbx0nQ8Hv5HH-VZ9nHkk0L2EgSaniIC65WA2vMkwsA-aXsdRpBHl6O3uQXPBmOL279XS-3eq1a3dfyMkI9KsAHB7R-7lMzWPSQwOOsHriTz5C6vpFBe2RGDCpbGJJDRhecSTc0dKPGwq Pjl5xRNFH6wQJu8pcKdGgb_3evMatNuxdH_5HmmhgLomku8XeI 7IOny8Kb_8wHw8vup6HkMkbkk-u3YKqyafJxDOU_k_HCgSh7eJGN5eJhmHBhj9sNWZdDVIkPn4JT AQ3nDBK5TR4QKtThmhAu4mEy6iEZNyexRVfjzZTrvOpOGSPe8j VENRQmxI5GTqfM53K7xTn0jXryIGz6jsMNoI2SmPn3VwJTReMO f=w1665-h1046-no

11-22-2019, 01:23 PM
Thats awesome.

11-22-2019, 04:54 PM
Thats awesome.

That's an understatement. :)

11-22-2019, 07:25 PM
Beautiful!  https://i.imgur.com/kWfIGoZ.gif

11-23-2019, 06:11 AM
do you have a video or something ? LWS:))

11-23-2019, 09:57 AM
do you have a video or something ? LWS:))

No..not available for the moment, I have too much to do right now, constantly switching between blender and lightwave, pushing particles with smoke flow in blender, realtime smoke and fire in blender..and then going back to the old stuff with fractal driven particle vector velocity in lightwave.
Need to find a good solution to send blender particles to lightwave as well ..and use sprites for rendering, that is still one of the best choices for those tiny particles.

I want to record and showcase the process a bit more, but there are so many others asking from everything from blender fire and smoke, to clouds in lightwave and with vdb and this etc, need to figure out what to set as priority.

11-23-2019, 02:35 PM
Impressive ! Can you make a tutorial, please ? I am so curious on how to make that one :)

11-24-2019, 12:13 AM
Impressive ! Can you make a tutorial, please ? I am so curious on how to make that one :)

As I said, I have a lot to do...so I canīt promise to do that, I also have to spend more time in blender nowadays...But I have wanted to record it for some time, but which image in particular are you interested in, pick 2.
or is it just those two posted?

Edit must add, it shouldnīt take long to record though...I have requests for cloud tutorials, but that could be a massive project, not sure I am going to pursue it because I want to cover quite a lot, and I may set up
to much of ideas on that ..and very time consuming, so taking a record of this I think I could squeeze in first.

Which I could handle sprite rendering in blender in the same manner as I do in Lightwave, cause I think using smoke solver to advect the particles with fluids would be great combined with sprite rendering, I would have to switch to old blender render engine with halos and lines etc, or do some research and catching up on what Gleb Alexandrov does for nebula stuff, mixing particles, and volumetrics.

The painstaking part of doing this kind of particle effects, that is waiting for particles to settle when you raise particle amount, when it getīs upp to 200 000 wind wind effector and directional wind and procedurals, the wind force will be slow to calculate, If I use standard wind force with just turbulence and not textures for wind direction velocity..it will be much faster, and also if I only use fractal textures on the actual particle emitters velocity it will be faster, but then I will not get the same patterin in the velocity motion.
so 200 000 particles, I will have to wait a couple of minutes, maybe 5-6 before it settles, raising it to 2-6 millions and I would have to wait a lot longer than that.

11-24-2019, 11:20 AM
Very very cool! I do miss sprite mode. Glad I still have 2015 still installed.

11-24-2019, 11:46 AM
Those look really nice!

11-24-2019, 11:56 AM
I do miss sprite mode
still there in 2019

11-24-2019, 06:46 PM
Very very cool! I do miss sprite mode. Glad I still have 2015 still installed.

Yep...still there in 2019, but you can not render them in the same time/pass over any of the new volumetric effect..since you have to switch to old legacy system.
And you can not preview them in viper since viper is gone, but otherwise itīs the same with sprites.

11-25-2019, 06:16 AM
Thanks for your sharing.