View Full Version : Real photos for poly faces

01-06-2004, 01:20 PM
I' m not an artist (not by choice, but I have no skills whatsoever in this field), but I would like to make a model for UT2K3 with the face of a friend of mine. It' s just a quick shortcut because I' m focusing on other things right now, like creating static meshes and animations (with LW) and levels (with UED). I just thought that adding characters with "friendly" faces would be a nice touch. Is it possible to do so using a front/side/back real photo as a texture to apply to a humanoid poly face? Probably the transitions between the different textures will be awful. Does anybody have any suggestions/tuts on how this might work or not. Somebody suggested me to use a photo editing software to clone details of the real photo onto an existing face texture, but I need an example/tut on how to do that.

01-07-2004, 08:13 PM
check www.planetquake.com they have a player model making section and i remember a similiar question being asked.

basicly you take the fron face image. put on top layer and then position teh two sides on a lower layer. move them to match up with teh front image. match the outer corner to the outer corner of hte eye. then you erase, smudge clone etc until you got them smoothed together.