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07-31-2019, 05:16 PM
It was a while ago since I was doing nebīs with hypervoxels, but I suddenly got in the mood again.
New volumetrics, one volume item ..main texture fbm, coloring is only done by complement tweaking of the main colors in emission and scattering, so no gradient nodal setup at all for the colors. two point lights with flares.
A bit messy perhaps, but a little interesting..may be a canditate for a nebula out there still waiting to be found:D

After this I was trying some stuff with the gas solver, and while I can in principle tweak colors the same way, and get a nice dust shooting nebula cloud going on, I am experiencin too many crashes on the scenes with vdb when trying to save..so a long time of setting things up ended up in scenefiles I can not save..VDB stability needs to improve, I filed a bug report with that though.


07-31-2019, 05:45 PM
Very nice indeed.

Is this 2019.1, i find it to be very crashy, well for me anyway.

07-31-2019, 06:25 PM
Very nice indeed.

Is this 2019.1, i find it to be very crashy, well for me anyway.

2019.0.3 and not particulary craschy when working with volume items, but craschy suddenly when working with vdb and saving..at least for the gas solver scenes I recently set up, But...not craschy overall as 2019.1....which is why I resorted back to 2019.0.3, but you have experienced the 2019.1 crashes too I see.

Right now however, both the versions VDB tools are in a state that donīt let me advance in a decent speed for creating even better nebulaes, not if it crashes everytime.

Tim Parsons
07-31-2019, 07:41 PM
This is really cool!

Richard Hebert
08-02-2019, 06:12 PM
Extremely nice work... but of course you already knew that!

08-02-2019, 07:06 PM
Cool! Makes me think of some kind of Invasion of the Body Snatchers virus floating in the water, waiting to turn an unsuspecting victim into a pod person. Or the storm clouds from the Never Ending Story. It looks very natural, like a practical effect in a water tank.

Felipe Soto
08-02-2019, 09:09 PM
Very cool indeed!

08-03-2019, 03:22 AM

08-03-2019, 03:29 AM
Prometheus, my crashes are mostly in the VDB/VPR area, but its hard to actually pin down whats doing it exactly, sometimes crashes, sometimes not. I do have one repeatable crash in modeler but i think they are aware of this. Load a model in modeler with more than one layer. Open layers panel, whilst one F/G layer is selected try and select another F/G layer with shift then left click. That seems to crash for me everytime.

08-03-2019, 04:11 AM
layers can be selected/deselected now by just clicking on them that's why, no modifier needed, yes you can still do it old school but you might get a crash, for me I don't get one unless I try to drag to reorder the layers and only then if I do it by selecting the layer tick box, if I do it by selecting the layer name things are ok

08-03-2019, 06:48 AM
Indeed Gerry i was watching the video on this feature. However it should still not crash like that because i pressed the wrong button.

08-03-2019, 12:10 PM
Crashed my minde.... You are AWSOME!