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01-06-2004, 09:24 AM
Hi...I have a general technical problem, regarding calibration between my monitor and what gets broadcast. here is the background info...

I recently finished a short project for tv [uk pal system]...I got everything right - sound, image sizing and ratio's. etc....but did not think about the colour until the last minute....what a mistake!

My animation is a mix of 2d/scans/photos and 3d elements etc....I put all of my work together in After effects or dfx+4 which I am still getting to grips with. This is the first time I have produced work from home, and have a problem with calibration.
All my previous film work was done at university, where I had a trusted techi to do all of that!

Is there a solution, for using legal tv broadcast colours only within lightwave 3d/photoshop/after effects/dfx+4 OR all of them.
What is the trick?

01-06-2004, 12:41 PM
No, there isn't. If you browse thru respective forums you can find som tips, but how well they work for you is everybody's own problem. A good idea is generally using less saturation and brightness (no real whites, no real blacks, no bright reds etc.) In compositing tools you normally have a Filter for Broadcast colors and can limit color range further using any color correction tools you have available. In 3D progs it's impossible to control color range since it's entirely determined by the underlying algorithms. In Photoshop and After Effects I find it useful to have an adjustment layer (Hue/ Saturation) on top of everything to do the final adjustments, but certain CoDecs will manipulate colors their own way and thus screw results. The only real save way is taking your stuff on a calibrated editing suite (with a proper vectorscope and VU meter and high quality cabling!) and do a playout to a professional tape machine there.


01-08-2004, 02:57 AM
Thanks. I have been using the Pal Broadcast colour filter on my final renders from AE...Just a bit of tweaking to do then!...I would love to have access to a broadcast edit suite, well I do but for 80 an hour in the uk, i would rather make multiple versions and hope for the best!
Thanks for your reply. ps- I will look into using adjustment layers.