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01-06-2004, 02:42 AM

We my client and I received a file made with a soft named Microstation,
the file is a .dgn

Anyone knows if there's a way I can open it while of course I don't have
this soft (and can't anyway as I'm on Mac) ?
The goal is of course to have it in Lightwave but I guess
it should first be opened in some CAD soft, we have VectorWorks for this
so eventually my question is :
how can I convert a .dgn into .dwg or .dxf ???

any help appreciated

01-19-2004, 12:59 AM
microstation can work nativly and save with DWG files so you shouldnt have any problems there - it also saves as DXF. It would be a simple process for your client to convert their drawings to DXFs for you and lightwave works well with dxf files.

If they have problems doing this.
THey should, select all of the data in the DGN file and select the 'construct facet' tool and then using the 'drop element' command with 'solids' selected. then save as a DXF.

i know archicad can open DGNs and covert them - and i assume Vectorworks would have the same capabilities? Otherwise you will have to hunt for an all purpose file onversion program.

01-19-2004, 02:47 AM
If you can upload it somewhere I'll convert it for you (have Microstation).

01-19-2004, 04:07 AM
spak > I guess what you say is true and easy to get.
But my current issue is… how could I explain in english ?

Well to say simple : I don't even know who made this file,
I'm working for the city of Paris and the bureaucraty is something you
can't imagine !
We asked for this file as had guessed it exist,
we asked to someone, let's say A, that himself asked to B, that asked to C
…etc. It took us 2 months to get back the file, people here are mad and
quite un-professional sometimes but that's it.
The people who gave me this stuff don't even know what it is about : 3D ? 2D ?
they just don't know because services don't communicate with each others…
you see ?
Eventually it would take me 1 more month to get in touch with the people
who MADE this file and get some DWG or DXF back…

That's why I went here to ask if there was'nt a solution I could manage alone.

Omeone > here's the LINK

(2 .zip files, 800 k and 600 k)
thanx for helping

01-19-2004, 05:25 AM
Im about to PM you details for downloading, btw this looks like info that would normally have an expensive license attached to it (in this country anyway)

those files were originally 3D surveys and converted to 2D, bad luck you werent given the originals... they are CAD drawing of the most excellent and rare caliber, but that hardly makes a difference to you...

I have included both the dxf and lwo, because I didnt want to import the text data into LightWave (the file would have quadrupled in size). though you might decide you need it as it gives all the elevation and spot heights.

I work right in the middle of one of those state bureaucracies and I can tell you its great fun making everyone else's jobs hell :D

edit: files uploaded and PM sent

01-19-2004, 05:36 AM
this is 2D only, too bad…

I actually already have built a large part of this
scene in 3D within Lightwave wtarting from other
plans they had given to me.
I had ask them if by chance they had'nt any more
datas because I knew they had a 3D base of this area
(used for studies of noise impact - which explain this
strange subpatch shape in one of the two files),
well pity they were not able to give me their 3D base…

spoiling of bureaucraties… c'est la vie !

thanx for the try anyway,

you may guess that the next time I get some dgn file
I'll knock to your door :)