View Full Version : Anyone here use LightWave with the LibGdx framework?

06-10-2019, 03:08 PM
I've been dipping my toes in and dabbling in the black art of game development. Just experimenting a lot and testing out different things. Unreal and Unity are where I plan to focus in the future after I learn the fundamentals/basics of their supported languages (C# and C++). In the meantime I've been messing around with Libgdx because I know a little Java and because it seems like a pretty capable framework for 2D games and some basic 3D games. Since utilizing it involves a lot of coding, I figured that could help me in the future with Unity. Anyways, Libgdx has an FBX converter that lets you convert FBX files into files that Libgdx can read. I figured, GREAT, I can use LightWave to create all of my assets and it's going to be great fun trying to program some 3D stuff!

Nope, not even close. The FBX converter has been very hit or miss, with a heavy emphasis on the MISS part with an above 90% failure rate. Almost none of the fbx files that I've exported from Layout (in both ASCII and Binary form, from different versions of LightWave, and utilizing the different exporter versions) and then converted have worked. Nothing appears when I run the code to display them. Same thing when I export fbx files from Modeler. Interestingly enough, a few items that were exported from Modeler as .obj files and then converted did work. But only a few and nothing else (not even LightWave primitives), which doesn't help because that limits you to static objects if you can even get them loaded.

So, I tried Blender. The Libgdx 3D game book I was working through devoted an entire chapter on the basics of Blender and modeling a gun. So, I modeled the gun in both LightWave and Blender side by side. Animated them both, converted them both and tried to load them. The Blender gun didn't appear at all. Nor did the LightWave gun when exported through Layout. Interestingly enough, the LightWave gun did appear when imported into Blender and then exported and converted, but the results weren't flattering. The LightWave gun also appeared when exported from Modeler as an .obj and just lacked the proper shading that the fbx version had.

And then I tried Maya. Nothing worked there. Spent a portion of the day on Saturday just downloading free models from a variety of places and testing them out and most of those didn't work either. So, I'm just wondering, if anyone here has any experience with Libgdx, what is the secret??? The more pragmatic voice in my head is telling me to just abandon Libgdx and give all of my attention to Unreal Blueprints for now because I've never had any problems loading LightWave models in Unreal or Unity.

06-10-2019, 09:13 PM
use unreal or unity

06-10-2019, 10:16 PM
You might be doing it the hard way. You can learn C# in Unity or C++ in UE4 easier than in any other environments. Both of those environments do a LOT of the heavy lifting for you, and their importers work very well.

Unity's importer works 1:1 with LightWave, and has since version 1.0 of Unity. That's because the LightWave dev team worked alongside Unity to make sure everything worked great out of the box. And the new emphasis on UE4 with LightWave shows you how committed they are to making sure things work there, too. Just use one of those environments and I swear it will make your life and learning curve much easier.


06-13-2019, 12:51 PM
Yeah, I've pretty much given up on attempting any 3D stuff in LibGdx. Way too much effort for incredibly little to no rewards. I can still enjoy doing prerendered 2D stuff in it, but custom 3D stuff is completely out of the question.
I even tried out Godot earlier today and gave up on it after 10 minutes. Not worth it when Unreal and Unity have never had any problems importing any of the LightWave assets I sent to them.