View Full Version : Turn off the Hub guide for Mac?

04-18-2019, 02:05 AM
Iím tired of the constant crashing and told that -i is the key to turning off the Hub, but canít find any references on how to actually do it!? I know it involves some Terminal commands - does anyone have a simple step-by-step on how to do this on a Mac? I think many people would find it useful!

04-18-2019, 07:20 AM
Hi Mark. I found this thread: https://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?152212-Turn-Off-Hub
Post #6 seems to be the one with the info on how to do it.

Hope it helps :)

04-18-2019, 08:21 AM
More directly, see the ReadMe.txt file that installs in the Lightwave program folder. Then search for the section: "OS X: Running Without the Hub"

04-18-2019, 12:39 PM
Thanks all. The renaming of Hub just results in a crash now. I’ll check out the Read Me again, I’m sure i was left scratching my head. If I get it sorted i’ll slap it on YT for others as it shouldn’t be this hard!

05-01-2019, 05:15 AM
Sorry this took so long but good news. It looks like just renaming the Hub (ie "_hub") now works in 2019.03. I'm sure previous versions just crashed Layout but all seem to be happy. Slightly getting my head around a change on workflow but not having crashes :D

05-01-2019, 06:47 AM
With the last failed attempt to rename Hub, did you restart your computer?

It is possible there were active processes interacting with Hub when it was last renamed. Restarting the computer would clear all that out.

05-01-2019, 07:14 AM
Just did a restart to check... all is running Hub-less :D