View Full Version : Advantages of LW being "Late in the Game" updating the app: VIZRT sale

04-04-2019, 06:51 AM
Hi guys have been thinking a lot about the weird golden opportunity that is in front of Lightwave thanks to the VIZRT acquisition. And how benign a legacy app, with a new rendering CORE, might work in its advantage.

Think about this this way.
In the past, Cinema 4D benefitted extensively from integrating strongly into the ADOBE toolsets.
That meant that you had STRONG 2D LAYER compositing and After Effect integration (camera info)

So now Newtek is acquired by a company that specializes in VIRTUAL SETS, ONSCREEN real time Graphics, and Pro broadcast.

This means that some of the parts that have needed an overhaul in LW for a while(Realtime Tools, Interface) can be done with the help of a company that specializes on the areas.

Imagine if you could:
Capture realtime information?
or a ever more tight Unreal integration?
How about better support for Augmented reality workflows?
All with current bleeding edge workflows...Cool
I am exited...