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04-01-2019, 10:16 AM
Working on tools to aid in project development involved research into the parameters and characteristics of several types of tools.

I put Video Editing near the top of the workflow.
Other tools can come into the flow with various relationships.
For example, if working on a music video style project, the song writing would be the first step.
If performance is included in the project it would likely define the progression of the whole project.
If animation is used for the visual it would probably be next.
If not there would be no interest to an animation artist in the project.

Thinking about the composition of a song, and imagining the visuals I tend to see multiple scenes involved.
So the animations will have a fragmented relationship to the song.

If working on a story style animation project, the story writing would define the structure of the project.
Using storyboarding, some still visual art is required at the begining of development.

Original style projects can occur. Creativity is the source of any viable production.

Finding connections between the various types of tools involved has been disappointing.
Very little direct interaction is possible.

One highly flexible tool comes to mind as a top level planning and developing environment.
The spreadsheet.
Primarily a financial powerhouse, the spreadsheet has features that can make the connections.
Of course that of grid layout is a predominant characteristic.
In fact some people only know how to use it in that capacity.
Likely because they don't know how to create an HTML table.
But this basic feature makes it conducive to creativity, allowing for an intuitive approach by the individual.

Spreadsheets support a plethora of data types per cell.
Many of which would not be needed for planning a project, but there is little penalty in their existance.
The tool is very efficient.

Cells can contain numerical values, text, images, math formulas and objects that can refer to all types of assests on the computer.
Sheets make it possible to arrange the progression of the project in layers. A natural structure in the graphic arts.

A top level interface of this nature allows for the folder oriented structure required by the individual tools to retain their separation because the spreadsheet objects provide a common point without compromise.

A project could start with an audio narrative that is referenced in the top sheet.
Or a collection of sketches arranged in a row of cells, and annotated in an adjacent row.
Just about any approach is possible.