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03-24-2019, 11:59 AM
Hi folks,
A little time over to post on youtube and testing some additiona volumetric astmosphere for better skies.
On youtube, second test on the newly introduced simplex noise which is a part of Dpont´s Rman procedural texture and node collection, thanks a lot Denis.

I don´t have time currently to perfect the fractal, I think there is too much of small puffy noise in there, will see how much time I should spend on it, keep in mind that I am doing this with
the Discovery edition, thus no saving, I can take print sceens, take notes and save the nodes if I find something really nice..and if I should upgrade then I may restore the most of the important stuff.

Just moving the cloud ref in the end of the timeline upwards a few meters to acheive the look of cloud change transformation, you could also try scaling it a bit, or just do envelopes in the simplex noise offset settings.

I have a lot of test to do more with simplex noise and also gardner, weather and turbulent noise, turbulence standard can also be nice..but the others is my favourites with more settings.

Additional atmospherics...

Sample image without any volume item fog shape, and the others with, I am not using the global scattering mode here (could be reuired if you use a 360 pan or something) not sure where the global scattering would
be of more benefit in terms of realism, quality or render speed VS a Volume fog item.

I do know that I find it much more easier to tweak a Volume fog item, I have easy control over height and depth, and additional texture density control as well as using the new shadow intensity etc, working with
the Global scattering would require using more nodes and math to get height and depth etc.

For the fog item, I am using a certain level of absorbtion of the blue color, thus the orange red spectrum will increase if I raise absorbtion.
The fog is in some of the images scaled up in height a bit to cover the sky much more to emulate sky height as we can do with vue, or terragen.

Additional atmospheric is a must, simply because the new Physical sky can not depict atmosphere in a true depth kind of way, and it has no control for scattering assymetry, so adding Volume fog item like this will
boost the realism of the Physical sky, Even if you do not have any clouds :)


No Volume item fog shape..


With Volume item fog shape (according to my tweakings, there is no existing preset or default settings for a fog volume item)


change of light and also adjusted emission strength in clouds, in fact cloud´s should have none or very very little emission (self illumination) if you lower the sun it would look completely wrong if you do not adjust this, or adjust clouds to use scattering channels only.


additional change of the fog absorption and the shapes height scale/stretch



Areyos Alektor
03-24-2019, 04:36 PM
You're hurting yourself :D

Thanks for sharing, I will have to look at this more quietly. I didn't have time to test the volume fog but it looks fascinating.

03-24-2019, 05:43 PM
You're hurting yourself :D

Thanks for sharing, I will have to look at this more quietly. I didn't have time to test the volume fog but it looks fascinating.

You can use the global scattering, but it´s delicate to get it right, scattering assymetry in global scattering, often set to 0,5-0,9 ..if you have a backlit cloud, you need something around that..otherwis the sunglow and rays are cut of strangely.
That´s for the global scattering and in such case you do not use a fog item.

Remember, the volume fog item I speak of, is nothing less than just another added volumetric item, configured to work as "fog" with this I do not need Global scattering volumetrics.

Hard to say what is best though.
And setting the right amount of volumetric distance for the new sunlight is also hard to figure out, it depends on cloud scale as well.
For terragen and vue..these kind of atmospherics is optimized for many many years to get it to behave more correct naturally, Lightwave´s features are not.

sample image, global scattering to test godray, the new sunlight...

Edit...wrong of me..in this case I used the Environment light only.