View Full Version : Dynamic Simulation - Freeze up / Crash, or Just Taking a Reaaalllly Long Time?

03-15-2019, 01:42 PM
Hello all!

So; I created a rather complex building destruction, using a combination of parts fractures (for hard structures like barrier walls, concrete formed roofing, and supporting columns), deformation (for metal supporting framework and metal-framed doors) and glass (parts fracture again).

Calculating the simulation generally takes a while for the hard structure fractures and metal deformations and during this time, Lightwave always shows up as Not Responding in the Windows Task Manager > Applications window, even though the "Simulating Dynamics" percentage counter is present and ticking off the simulation percentage. System performance in Windows Task Manager never really shows any significant activity.

Eventually it finishes and it looks really good; using weight maps for the metal framework deformations really added that extra bit of realism. All of the fractures and deformations were based on distance to the null generating the explosive dynamic force.

However, the main entrance area of the building is made up entirely of glass. Like the hard structures and deformations, I fractured the glass panes separately at varying degrees based on their distance from the explosion.

Being glass, the panes closest to the explosion are fractured at a very high degree.

When I added the glass to bullet dynamics and set up parts, Lightwave acted like it always has. It reported "Not Responding" in the Application window and eventually, the "Simulating Dynamics" percentage bar came up.

The difference is that it got up to 9% and has not moved past that for about four hours.

When I've done dynamics simulations in the past, System Performance has never shown any real hits (like rendering basically maxes all of my cores on my system) and even now, I'm still showing 20gb of available RAM (out of 40gb) on the system with roughly 8% of a single core being used.

I have no problem setting and forgetting to let the simulation finish calculating; but if it's not actually calculating anything anymore, I don't want to just leave it running.

In a situation like this, how do I tell if Lightwave is still just chugging or if it has actually crashed?

Thanks in advance for any assistance / suggestions!