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03-09-2019, 12:12 PM
Well...Houdini 17,5 is out.
This time a bit different they say, where they previously had a sort of balance between various features in Houdini, this time it was almost exclusively about implementing
PDG "Procedural Dependency Graph"

How that will make Houdini easier to use I still have to see.

Any Ideas if the "Premise" around this would be something that Lightwave could benefit from? After all....Lightwave 2019 introduced a bit more of the node workflow, making it a bit more complex to enter and setup certain things.


03-09-2019, 04:47 PM
It won't make 17.5 easier to use, per se, but it'll make certain complicated, lengthy procedural flows much, much faster to process. What they've done is use dynamic dependency analysis to enable parallel distribution of complex nodes/tasks to different workers -- a neat bit of applied lamdba calculus (iow, modern computing/compiler tech) being used for graph-based 3D processing systems. Of course, the "individual nodes" in their cases are actually fairly complex ops in and of themselves, much more so than, say, a math node in LW. The overhead of distribution is minor compared to the processing cost of those kinds of nodes in Houdini.

In contrast, the overhead of distribution would massively outweigh the processing cost of most LW nodes, because in LW individual nodes still tend to be very "small"/brief processing operations. There are some exceptions, such as the image filter nodes (and not always, even then), but the vast majority of individual nodes in LW just aren't doing the same kinds of "computationally-lengthy" work as occurs in, say, large-scale geometry op nodes in Houdini, or similar. It's something that could be broadly useful to LW far down the road, but at the moment the scale of graph (node) operations in LW aren't really suitable. There are other infrastructure issues (related to LW's "nodal silos") that make applying such tech in LW a much more difficult proposition, and which would also first need to be resolved.