View Full Version : Dpont Simplex newly added simplex noise, a new favourite for cloud procedurals

03-06-2019, 03:23 PM
Well..I was installing some of Dpontīs updated rman node collections..and worked through some clouds, I still have the issue with gardner clouds not respecting a moving cloud reference when using world coordinate, same with flow noise and probably many of the others in rman collection...dpont said it should be fixed but I am not getting it to work in 2019 anyway.

But, Dpont has updated the rman collection with gabor noise and simplex noise, forget about gabor noise for clouds, I do not see any good tweaking parameters for volumetric clouds really, and it is very very slow..more suited for smaller material surfaces I believe.

The Simplex noise however, seem to be faster than any other procedural I got in the library, and it looks awesome for clouds, and is perhaps easier to tweak than gardner clouds and even native turbulent noise, those two has been my favourites for clouds, but this simplex noise may be the new stuff.
Only tried it for some hours though, and I am dog tired.

So ..unfortunately no new cloud imagary of the simplex noise and new 2019 volumetrics today, but it may show up this weekend, with samples from gardner and turbulent noise as well..I also need to record how the new physical sky behaves with the cloud volumetrics.

Lets try to hit the sack now right :)

03-07-2019, 08:41 AM
Looking forward to seeing what you produce!

03-07-2019, 11:08 AM
Looking forward to seeing what you produce!

Soon, Not today and not tomorrow...I only have maybe two days of trying out 2019 full version, and that includes a bit of vdb saving..gas solver, which by the way can be very useful for cloud sims, you can drive the gas solver with particles to raise cloud pillars or let it drift sideways as clouds mostly move in the wind, and then I need to gather some images..maybe this weekend but I canīt swear.

Keep in mind that procedural textures isnīt doing any kind of simulation near the real world physics of gases and cloud formation, while the gas solver and other fluid tools actually are driving a simulation near real world physics, so
If you get a good workflow going, fluid simulations can yield a certain kind of cloud formations that procedruals just canīt, especially cloud drifting, smooth tendril trails on cloud edges, and cloud edge dissapation, and also variation in cloud billowing build up puffy shapes.

after using the gas solver with various direction, or velocity etc, you can just make sure to save the cache sims to file, take note of at which frame the simulation looks good, then you go and gather various frames, clear scene
and load various frames back in as vdb container files, and then scale, move and position to make a super formation.

But in some cases procedurals may be to prefer, and is of course faster in the sense that you can skip simulation time.
And as I said...simplex noise ads another dimension to the great procedural collection already in Lightwave.

Dan Ritchie
03-08-2019, 09:37 AM
Looking forward to seeing it.