View Full Version : Spline Control not rendering correctly on render farm

03-06-2019, 12:31 PM
Just wondering if anybody is seeing a problem rendering LW 2015's Spline Control on a Deadline render farm.

I'm animating a camera using Spline Control and when I render locally, it all looks good. But when I render to the farm, the first frame of each batch drops the camera to 0,0,0 position...rotation is fine, it's only the position gets dropped for that frame. At first I thought there was a 'bad' node on the render farm but the bad frames all correspond the first frame in each batch, regardless of which node is rendering the batch.

For the time being, I'm baking the camera for network rendering, which does work correctly on the farm. Just wondering why I can't use Spline Control for network rendering.

Thanks in advance for any helpful info. I'm writing an internal report on this error and I want to include as much info as I can. Since 2015 hasn't been updated for ages, I suspect something changed on our farm because I could've sworn Spline Control was rendering fine on our farm earlier.

(Note: We're slowly migrating to 2019 at work but it's not on our render farm yet so I'm not sure if this issue exists there too. I'd check at home but my personal render farm isn't yet 2019-ready either. If anybody here can confirm if it works correctly with 2019, that may be helpful too.)