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03-02-2019, 08:26 PM
I think this has been quirky for awhile now & once again I'm having to ask: is this by design or is is it a bug?

You see, I'd file a report but as mentioned in another posting earlier today, and after watching the video in the first panel of the Feedback Agent this is apparently by "design"; you CAN'T actually complete & submit the report (bug or feature request as they're the same utility) W/O filling in the step to add an attachment or screen shot. Really? Can't quite figure out is that just stupid or arrogant. Not every report has or needs an attachment or screenshot. Often simply reading a description tells the tale is is all that's needed. Think I'll prep some "screenshots" in the meantime for future reports until that gets rectified.

To the point though, give this a shot:

Fire up Layout (I updated to 19.02 but think this might go back to 2018ish) & set up what you'd like to be your default scene. In particular, make some camera setting changes, render settings, etc. Save the scene as the default scene. It's right there in the Save Menu. Exit & restart Layout.

What's going on? Camera is no longer as it was set (and for some reason there's still no Camera Preset option) and in fact it's NOT what you just saved as the default scene! Even if you Save a scene as Default, in the root of the content folder, that's NOT what gets set up when layout is first launched.

For now, do an exit fresh launch of Layout just to confirm & take a look: there IS no scene actually loaded if you go by the top border of the app. It's blank. And as we've observed, it's not really the "default" scene either. It's No Scene. But if you start adding items, animating, etc., you now have to go in to many, but not all, of the areas to change camera, Color Space, and a few others. Incredibly annoying.

But now, load your recently saved default.lws and BINGO! there are your camera & other settings, and now the title border indicates default.lws.

So, I ask again: Bug or by Design? I'm voting for oops!

03-03-2019, 03:46 AM
bug id say, on both accounts

i just take a screen snip of the lw version number and attach that. yes, it is annoying!
i am not sure. there are a number of bugs or ui changes which do make you think, did anyone check this?

i am not sure of dev. some people in dev are pure 9-5, only what’s described in a report, nothing else etc. clock off on the dot. no real interest or passion. it’s a job.

then there are the kind of developers who live the job, well, it’s not really a job, it’s just fun, they go above and beyond, add in extras, look to make the product better, engage with users, are open to ideas etc..the list goes on and on. usually workaholics and generally incredibly competent and innovative.

couple lw plugin devs come to mind there, certainly a few japanese ones over the years.
basically the kind of dev that you want in a startup or any small team.

i guess this could be the type of dude who devs for blender.
anyway, i don’t know, if you are in that second category, things like the bug report can tip you over the edge pretty easily. ;)

03-03-2019, 09:24 AM
Doing some more digging, if you enable the CLEAR Scene to Default in the Options panel, then layout will also LOAD that upon startup. That option is apparently OFF by default.

03-04-2019, 03:39 PM
Nothing should stop you from submitting a bug report. If there's no picture appropriate to your bug report, attach a screengrab of your desktop with a Post-It on the desktop saying "Please fix my bug!"


03-04-2019, 04:04 PM
Nothing should stop you from submitting a bug report. If there's no picture appropriate to your bug report, attach a screengrab of your desktop with a Post-It on the desktop saying "Please fix my bug!"


I'll do that next time BeeVee but there should REALLY be a "No Attachment" checkbox instead of forcing something that takes many extra steps, for something that might not even be needed, don't you think? That's just common sense programming frankly.