View Full Version : Adding animated lower thirds to Tricaster 40 and other older models with OBS

02-09-2019, 03:59 PM

I just wanted to share that if you have a Tricaster 40v2 (or any other older Tricaster model) and need to have animated lower thirds, I want to say that OBS software (along with a PC with a capture card that accepts the output of the Tricaster) and a Elgato Stream deck has performed very well for me and is an extremely low cost solution.

I create animated lower thirds in Adobe After Effects (export with Alpha Channel), and import them as a media source in OBS. The Elgato Streamdeck (which has 15 hardware assignable buttons) I place next to my Tricaster control surface. This basically becomes 15 buttons that I can trigger animated lower thirds like an extra DSK to the Tricaster.

Also, OBS has a NDI plug in that you can bring in NDI sources (Like After Effects live) if you need to do live modifications of the animated lower thirds live. My Tricaster 40v2 does not have NDI capability, so OBS gives me NDI capability as a DSK layer.

I know the newer Tricasters give you animated lower thirds and NDI capability, but for those of us on a budget and can't update to one of the newer Tricasters just yet, OBS software is completely free and the learning curve is reasonable for the features it can do.

Since you will be doing the live encoding/streaming with OBS instead of the Tricaster itself, make sure you use a PC that has decent specs and a capture card that accepts your Tricaster output, but even with the cost of the PC, I find this to be much lower cost than jumping to a newer Tricaster for these specific features and has kept my Tricaster 40v2 still very useful for production today.

02-11-2019, 10:46 AM
I've done this on my T40, just by doing them in After Effects and importing them into the T40 and playing them from a DDR.
Granted, there is no NDI capabilities, but an even lower cost solution.