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02-08-2019, 04:08 PM
I'm having problems with an animation.
I can see why, but I can't see what I can do to address the issue...

basically I have a Saturn V rocket, ortho camera, and it's slowly rolling on the screen.
The problem is that all those stringers (the fine re-enforcing ridges) look awful when animated, as the light / dark bands from them are round about the pixel level, so dark lines crawl or shimmer.

I'm using a dome light to get softer shadows, I've tried high AA, soft reconstruction filters, (marginal reduction, but make the rest look too soft). I've tried motion blur, vector motion blur, it still looks rough.

Basically the fine light and dark bands from the ridges are real and moving and that's why it's horrible.

Anyone got any ideas?

(LW 11.6)

02-08-2019, 05:09 PM
When I have fine line details I find that reconstruction filter - classic, sample pattern - classic, and most importantly an over sample .3 to .75 help the most. If 11.6 doesn't have over sample (I can't remember), render at 2X the resolution and downscale later. That will fix it stone cold quick.

02-08-2019, 05:13 PM
Try a different reconstrcution filter, Id suggest giving lancsoz sinc a go, and bump up the filter radius in the camera opts.

edit: ah... beaten to it.

02-09-2019, 01:40 AM
Thanks, that sounds useful!

I got into the habit of using Mitchell or Mitchell sharp after some seriously heavy duty tests on animating the rings of Saturn close up.

02-09-2019, 04:29 AM
Great! I just tried a combination of those factors, and the difference is extreme!
Also found this great tutorial video by Rebel Hill, and I'm even getting shorter render times for the improved version!

Thank you!