View Full Version : Amazing VR animation Toolsets (Goro Fujita amazing VR animations)

01-29-2019, 07:36 AM
Hi guys,
I strongly recommend to follow what Goro has been doing in VR.

He is helping the VR toolsets mature and he is doing amazing work, VERY FAST (as in hours).
You can see a lot of his VR work here: (animated Quill/ rendered in Redshift)

Here is a quote from an recent interview:
"What’s your perception of the future of art and VR for the movie and game industry?

GF : I believe that with VR we finally found the medium that is made for creating objects, characters, worlds in 3D space. Regardless if you are working on a VR production or a traditional 3D pipeline there is no faster method than creating assets in VR

In VR you are not constrained to a 2D surface (tablet or computer monitor) anymore. You can manipulate, paint and sculpt in all axis at one time which was not possible before. Everything you create can be then exported to other 3D applications and can benefit all kinds of departments down the production pipeline from previsualization to final asset creation. Creating in VR can significantly cut down production time and budget for any entertainment production.

more of the amazing interview here: