View Full Version : Can a NRC Render Node host 2018 and 2019 services at the same time? (Separate ports)

01-24-2019, 11:01 PM
I'm starting to configure a test of the 2019 network rendering capabilities and would like to use the farm I set up and use for 2018 projects. I know I can't have both NRC services running on the same port (Or can I???), so I'm manually configuring a different port number for the 2019 service at the moment. I've run into problems where the few nodes I've tested with don't show up in the 2019 NRC Controller on the master system. Firewall rules appear to be in place for this port and I suspect it could be something on the Controller config side. The 2019 NRC node does show up in the 2018 Controller window using Bonjour! I won't be running the 2018 Controller and 2019 Controller at the same time (you can't). Just wondering if anyone else has a similar setup and may have tried this already.

01-25-2019, 01:46 PM
I confirmed that a LW 2019.0.0 NRC Node renders fine with the LW 2018.0.x Controller. That node I tested with generated an image of the same quality without issue. This should mean I will be able to replace all of my 2018 NRC Nodes with 2019 NRC nodes and they'll be available to both the 2018 NRC Controller and 2019 Controller on the master system depending on which version of the controller is being run at the time. Then the Bonjour service can be used and the issue with running two services simultaneously on different ports is eliminated. I suspect that the NRC service in 2019 is basically the same as 2018. I would just need to make sure the plugins are installed on the NRC 2019 Node like the others. Woot!