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Birck Cox
01-17-2019, 07:04 AM
Hi, all. I'm depending on a book written for LW v9 to learn how to use the LW2015, and I have run into a problem: the toot involves drawing a profile of a bowl with Spline Draw, then lathing it. Is there any way with Spline Draw or any other Draw tool to draw anything but a curve? Straight lines are thin on the ground, and after using Adobe Illustrator for many years, I can get pretty uncomfortable drawing a bowl in vertical section that has a wavy, lumpy bottom. Is there any way to draw a straight line with any of the draw tools? Or, even better, draw a line that is straight in places, curved in others? Like a vector tool?

01-17-2019, 10:00 AM
The trick to straight lines in a curve of any sort (subpatching, modeler curves, etc.) is to use multiple points (or edges on subpatched objects) to tighten corners or enforce specific coordinate values you want. I don't use Spline Draw for this type of profile work but just use Add Points to rough-in points approximately where I want them making sure to add at least three points close around each "sharp corner".

Once it's roughed in, use CTRL-T (move points) and CTRL-H (scale) to fine-tune the curve. If I find I need more control points to have a straight line or tighten a sharp corner, you can use Polygon Mode to select the curve and Multiply=>Subdivide=>Add Points to add control points where you need them (be sure to have the action point of the tool right over the curve when clicking!).

143888 143889

Note that by using the very close together triple-points at the bottom corners, the base of the goblet is perfectly straight, even though it's a "curve":


Here's a quick video to create the goblet above using this technique. I didn't need any more control points, so I didn't use the Subdivide=>Add Points.



01-17-2019, 10:09 AM
I disrecommend using spline for profile for Lathe tool (at least not directly), as there is no control to how many segments curve will be quantized (just Curve Divisions: Coarse, Medium and Fine).
In other words: you will get very dense mesh.
If you would get EasySpline http://easyspline.trueart.eu
It has tool Spline Density, which takes number of segments as parameter, to which spline will be quantized.
After quantization (freezing) of spline to 2 point polygon chain, you would use profile for Lathe.

EasySpline has also spline-compliant version of Lathe:



It does not quantize/freeze spline, but multiplies spline and generates entire spline-cage.