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01-07-2019, 02:55 PM
Hi All,
I've tried google and I've tried searching these forums but...#

I'm trying to get the hang of instancing using LW 11.6#

I've done a grid, I've done a ring, now I want a specific arrangement, and I'm not having much luck.
Any pointers to suitable beginners tutorials?

(I'm actually after an even square array, but confined to a circle, so evenly spaced on X and Y but forming a disk.)


01-07-2019, 03:13 PM
I'd create a disc of the appropriate size in Modeler, use Julienne to slice it up into X and Z chunks, use the Statistics panel to delete any points that are only contained in one polygon (i.e. those points originally on the circumference of the disc), then use Merge to merge points on the circumference so Instances aren't too close together (ended up using Manual of 20cm on the attached disc). Use "k" to kill the polygons, leaving only the point array.

Sample LW11.6 scene / object attached. The Instancer is set to type of Points and the Max Points flag is set to place an instance at each point



01-07-2019, 03:26 PM
now I want a specific arrangement, and I'm not having much luck.
Any pointers to suitable beginners tutorials?

Make point cloud in Modeler and then use them as source.
I showed how to spray instances in my video of SprayBgPoints. You can use it as tutorial of instancing in any LW.
Special option of SprayBgPoints disallows them for overlapping.



01-07-2019, 03:38 PM
You can leave single-point polygons, even give them surface name. In LW 2015.0.3 and LW 2018.x (at least) there are options to filter instances by polygon's surface name. Type: Polygons, Surface Name: [pick one]

01-07-2019, 04:16 PM
something like this ?


01-07-2019, 05:11 PM
something like this ?


Very good!

How about...


01-11-2019, 04:16 AM
Excellent, thanks for an example!

01-11-2019, 06:25 AM
Thanks to all for the help, I now have a huge hexagonal array of solar power sats, which I unfortunately can't share yet.

I'll be following up on the other tutorials, this definitely looks like a powerful technique!