View Full Version : Feature Request: NC1-IO API Access to Change Input Video Sources for Outputs

01-03-2019, 08:31 AM

I was directed by support to submit a feature request as i was told this functionality doesn't currently exist (sorry if its posted in the wrong place).

We would like to be able to change the input source on each of the 1-8 outputs to sources (NDI) that are available to the NC1-IO programatically through a HTTP/Web/WS/TCP interface.

I can see in the integration guides, bits of information around shortcuts and dictionaries that look like they can almost do this? However iv not had any luck getting this to work (maybe i don't have the HTTP query string correct).

The new "NDI KVM" (VNC) feature in the latest upgrade is good, however API access to allow us to make a simple dashboard would be perfect for our use-case/workflow and would allow us to buy more equipment and add more NDI sources.

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01-03-2019, 09:56 AM
You can usually record the shortcut you need using the macro editor. In this case, it's (for example) "out1_crosspoint_source", with a value of the input you want to assign - e.g., "Input2".

So, for example, this works here for me: http://target_ip_address/v1/shortcut?name=out1_crosspoint_source&value=INPUT2

01-03-2019, 12:09 PM
Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure where to find the macro editor on an NC1 IO as i don't see any UI similar to that in the integration documentation, is this maybe a Tricaster or other Newtek product feature which is not included on an NC1-IO?

I have found a file on the NC1-IO called shortcuts_cfg.xml (hoping that these are the built in shortcuts).

<!-- Video and Audio input shortcuts -->
<prefix name="input1" />
<prefix name="input2" />
<prefix name="input3" />
<prefix name="input4" />
<prefix name="input5" />
<prefix name="input6" />
<prefix name="input7" />
<prefix name="input8" />
<prefix name="input9" />
<prefix name="input10" />
<prefix name="input11" />
<prefix name="input12" />
<prefix name="input13" />
<prefix name="input14" />
<prefix name="input15" />
<prefix name="input16" />

<!--Select a input video source -->
<suffix undocumented="true" name="_video_source">
<entry key="source_name" type="string" />

From this i created the following URL.


Using an "ndi_source" - "name" value from http://*target_ip*/v1/dictionary?key=ndi_sources

But still no luck (which is what i was anticipating trying to reverse engineer something that probably isn't hooked up yet as "undocumented" and no "web_access" don't sound like production ready terms? :) )

Thanks very much for your help again,

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01-03-2019, 12:23 PM
I'm sorry, John, for some reason I missed the subject line of your post and so was thinking of VMC1, which has switchable output crosspoints. I've got to break for lunch, but will come back to this.

01-03-2019, 01:21 PM
OK, we got it working. Your syntax was close, but not quite right. (I'd have struggled with this too, but was able to get the guy who coded it to look at it with me).

This works (we tested it here):


01-04-2019, 03:44 AM
Brilliant, just tried it here and its working great!

I did spend an hour trying to get it working and writing a reply only to realize i had copied an old incorrect URL i generated *facepalm*.. Time for a coffee!

Thank you so much for your quick responses and help! You've just opened up a world of possibilities for us with this!

Kind regards,

01-04-2019, 04:54 AM
Although iv just tried the same URL (with different IP) on our MediaDS and receive a "404 - Not Found".

Maybe its on a different port because of Wowza or just not included?

Any ideas or should i add a new post for this?

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01-04-2019, 06:45 AM
NC1 IO has a web interface, which by extension, allows this product to receive API commands. Products like TalkShow and MediaDS do not have a web interface for the NewTek UI, which means there is no web API available on these platforms.

01-04-2019, 07:33 AM
Thanks Kane for your reply. Understood and good to know.

Ill leave the feature request for the time being, but for our use-case an API, NDI KVM or an option like that on the MediaDS would be cool!

Either way, we are really enjoying working with your products!

Thanks again,