View Full Version : OD tools-Copy and paste polychains to blender, not working fully..just sort of.

12-01-2018, 01:50 PM
Hi folks,

I often go from making polychains in Lightwave..often with line pen or copy and paste edges, then just save them to obj format before I import them to blender and then apply the skin modifier on them for meshing.
Now that works great, and I can use OD copy and paste to transer meshes quite flawlessly back and forth between lightwave and blender and vice versa.

But I can not copy line pen created polychains, seemingly.... when I copy and paste those to blender, they are there..but as soon as you apply the skin modifier, it sort of produces a kind of extra mesh in the joints, that despite I merge points etc.
As mentioned, when I export the same polychains to obj or lwo, it will be fine..so I wonder what extra info or lacking info the OD copy and paste brings over to blender?