View Full Version : NRC Network Render Controller nodes disappear

11-28-2018, 01:35 PM
After running the NRC with one local node and one network node, the network node just disappears after a few hours and I have to reboot that machine to get it to appear again. The local node still runs during this. Any advice? Both are windows machines and my render node has nothing but the render node running on it. The node is a fresh windows install with firewall disabled, and all power settings to always on, including USB and network adapters.

Any advice? I can even leave my VNC session open and it stays connected, so I know it's not losing network connectivity. The log does not reveal any information. It says "tasking node ___ with frame __0199" and then nothing.

It's really neat that the $35 Raspberry Pi 3b+ with quad-core processor can run windows on it now, just ordered one to test out. If NRC can work without having to manually restart nodes, this could be a boon for hobbyist animators render farms on the cheap. I really hope NRC gets some stability and configuration updates!

LW 2018.0.7