View Full Version : Feature Request: QUIET fans for the HD4 Mini

11-07-2018, 11:36 PM
Hello. I realize most of you operators may not see the need for this, but I am a one-man-show, both talent and operator. The fans on the Mini are 40 x 40 x7, which means they push hardly any air, so to get any kind of cooling they have to run fast = loud. Maybe it does not seem like a lot of noise to most of you, but it is loud enough that I have to put the Mini in a closet to film, and I am going to have to figure out something else before I can conceivably live stream. With a rack mounted unit, the fans will normally be far enough away from the talent that it doesn't matter, but in my studio this thing is super loud.

I looked, and there is nothing behind the 40 x 40 x 7 fans. Is there some reason that quiet 40 x 40 x 20's, or even 40 x 40 x 10's could be used? Noctua makes some nice small fans. I realize it would add a few dollars to the bill, but for up close it would make a lot of difference. Right now I will have to craft some kind of a sound enclosure before I can stream live. Thanks for listening.