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11-06-2018, 11:41 AM
Kat or anyone at Liberty3D, what is the ‘limited license’ that is applied to the Iron Sky assets?
With it being quite pricey (but well worth it) wanted to check the limitations.......:hey:

11-06-2018, 12:32 PM
Other than the fact that the assets appear to being sold illegally?

11-06-2018, 01:03 PM
Other than the fact that the assets appear to being sold illegally?Maybe you want to phrase that as a question, rather than presenting what is effectively a challenge to another member's integrity (to avoid the 'third part rule' being invoked here)...

11-06-2018, 01:07 PM
Other than the fact that the assets appear to being sold illegally?

Maybe appearances can be deceptive, especially as the court case verdict has been given. Wish i could understand Finnish, but apparently, 108 in the judgment briefing means Kelly is ok to do it. As i said, i can't read it but i suppose Kelly has an English language version of it.

11-06-2018, 03:05 PM
Chapter 108 only mentions one of the assets. And you’re right Steve Bowie, I meant that as a question, I don’t know the actual legality. But there was an article that mentioned the lawsuit did say that iron sky universe won and that the former employees of isu didn’t have the right to the assets.

11-06-2018, 03:10 PM
The last I heard the were making the sequel and I didn't know there had been any bad blood or a court case. A pity. I put the Finnish court judgement through Google Translate into English and still didn't have a clue what it meant. :D Putting on my homemade Rumpole-of-the-Bailey robes (which still don't fit) I know things can get quite murky with production and copyright.

It brings back to me some of the things I remember from UK sci-fi fandom. Once some Doctor Who fans got the rights to make a fan film featuring the Sontarans (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shakedown:_Return_of_the_Sontarans), even cobbling together some original Who cast members, but had to change the appearance of Sontarans because the name and the likeness were not under the same copyright. I believe the BBC have to run every update of the Daleks past the Terry Nation estate due to a joint copyright (https://www.kboards.com/index.php/topic,156324.msg2253893.html?PHPSESSID=f39ca30c0bb 64edfc6b0fc39608d6ee9#msg2253893). The rights to Blake's Seven has bounced all over the place too with a few clashes (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blake%27s_7#Television) here and there.

I'm not saying anything specific regarding Iron Sky, but that it just takes one party to challenge an understanding or contract to go down a rabbit warren (https://www.theguardian.com/media/2008/apr/16/bbc.medialaw). Thanks for letting me get all that off my chest (!).


11-06-2018, 03:15 PM
... I meant that as a question, I don’t know the actual legality.Thanks.

11-06-2018, 03:28 PM
Possibly more profitable than selling a model pack...selling a journal of the legal experience. This case and the general distribution of everyone's work on the internet makes international copyright law a required subject for study. The legal dispute has become more interesting than the film.

11-06-2018, 03:54 PM
I didn’t even know this lawsuit existed....sorry.......:rolleyes:

11-07-2018, 03:35 AM
Kat is so concerned about this....that Volume 2 (https://www.liberty3d.com/2018/11/iron-sky-model-and-scene-pack-volume-two/?mc_cid=d6ab48d9a9&mc_eid=5a792a7780) is now out. :D