View Full Version : Bugs or issue with Tricaster 460 and latest update?

10-31-2018, 04:10 PM
Hi all,

I have a Tricaster 460 and have noticed some random bugs that seem to be specific to one of our Tricaster 460s. It has the latest update (I'm not in front of the unit at the moment, but installed this latest update late last week).

Some bugs I've noticed:

1. NDI sources not loading using latest edition 3.7 NDI tools kit. For example, if I'm connecting to a laptop that has extended display on, it only sees one screen, not both screens. However on my other Tricaster 460, it sees both screens. This is resolved by rebooting the Tricaster.
2. Audio not occasionally working on say DDR1 when playing a video even when selected for program out, but once I select DDR1 Program again (either on the UI on screen, keyboard, or board, the audio issue is resolved.
3. Setting a 3 layer M/E, having say powerpoint as one source, video as another source, and loading a background GFX. The background GFX does not load unless I check/uncheck the position toggle within the source menu.
4. Random glitching when streaming. Like for example, a DSK image or lower third popping up randomly on the stream, but never selected on the tricaster nor embedded within the recorded/export final file.

Oddly enough, it seems to only affect one Tricaster we have, and both of our 460s have the same firmware version.

Does this sound like I should be doing a factory restore, or perhaps there is something else that could be causing these issues that I'm not thinking of?

Thank you all in advance.