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10-25-2018, 08:32 PM
Dear LW community,

This a call for collaboration on a project for global change. I’ve been fortunate be part of the LW community for about 20 years. I’ve worked with many of you in the past, and I am absolutely thrilled to put this forward for you today, together with our partners. This is a call for collaborators for a massive project we hope will change the direction of humanity's development.

Who are we?
A short intro for those that do not know me: I am an architect, engineer, and entrepreneur that works in sustainable development. In the last 20 years I’ve built a team of 25 professionals that together creates innovative solutions for cities, buildings, companies, industries, and governance. We combine science, design, and business to realize a sustainable future. We work on challenges of climate adaptation, circular economies, resilient design, ecosystem restoration, social justice, and all the complexities that come with all of that. If you want to check out our work, you can see some at www.except.nl.

We recently developed and opened a brand new center for sustainable entrepreneurship in the Netherlands, called UCo, housing over 150 professionals. Our building represents our ambition. We transformed a listed heritage locomotive workshop from the late 1800’s into the first energy neutral, healthy, circular office in the world. UCo now represents a collaborative of over 22 sustainability companies, all of whom are part of this call.

What is the World Vision 2050?
We believe the world could be a much better place to live in. A world that delivers all of us the best from living with nature, advanced technology, renewable resources, innovative design, resilient economic systems, socially just practices, and smart policies. This is not a new idea, and not our idea alone. But, we do think these ideas need more traction and support to be realized.

We believe that this benefits all of humanity, for all places, positions, and perspectives. This is humanity's joint challenge. We want to make the best world for ourselves now, for our children tomorrow, and for generations to come. We accept the vast challenges this brings, because our world is nothing like this now. Currently, we are heading towards a future of misery; a dystopian nightmare. We face climate change, economic fracture, resource scarcity, and vast social disruption resulting in untold migration. We do not want to go there, or at least, prevent the worst.

We are thrilled in believing that there are solutions in working towards a future of abundance, and a flourishing humanity. We see there are a plethora of solutions ready to activate a better future. But they are not yet universally support, hindering our progress. We see that activating them requires global cooperation, across borders, throughout supply chains, and between cultures. We see that just words and loftu promises are not enough. To visualize a realistic future is our challenge. To enable the future, we need to show what it could look like.

That is what this project is about. We want to create a realistic, scientifically supported, manageable vision of this flourishing future. We need to show our future homes, our cities, our industries, how we interact with the natural world, and what our lives will look like in this world. And to gain traction on this vision we need to show how we can do this, economically sound, and socially just.

We are set to make this vision, using our best creativity, science, and business models. That is what the World Vision 2050 is all about.

Our action plan
We believe that for the future of our society to go in the direction that is beneficial to most of us, we need to develop concrete, visual examples of what would be realistic pathways. Visual examples of truly sustainable cities, buildings, industry, ways of life. The integration of ecology with industry, the embedding of biology into our every day life, the full closing of cycles of production, consumption, and recycling.

We are planning to get together some of the most brilliant minds in sustainable, resilient, and equitable development to come up with these realistic visions. We then want to visualize them in the most realistic way, as if they are part of life. Not some utopian vision, but matter of fact images of what we hope our lives could become. Not just butterflies and happy children, but images of the full context of our complex existence.

We will be gathering about 4-5 teams of experts on sustainable development next year to help develop the content of these visions, and then translate them into concrete design ideas. And then we need to visualize them. For this purpose, we need to have a team of visualizers stand by to generate these images. We hope to make a book of about 25-30 images (5-6 per team), with explanations.

How to participate
This will be a massive undertaking, we believe more than 150 people will be involved in producing this. We are looking for visualizers to translate detailed image descriptions into realistic visualizations. We're looking at support for management, funding, and marketing. A first goal is to achieve enough funding for the entire team to fly over and join a week long work session in 2019 in UCo.

At the moment, we're inventorizing interest in various communities. Now, we're gathering interest from people in the LW community who would like to participate. Help is needed in the following categories:

Executive support, part of the core decision team (volunteer)

Help determine vision priorities
Help find funding
Help managing execution

Executing production, at highly reduced fee (20 US$/hr)

Visualization of vision elements (LW preferred)
Desktop publishing of web and book publications
Concept descriptions and editing
Marketing and PR

Passive support; aid with tools, licenses and other valuable items for the teams to use

If you have interest to contribute, let us know on: [email protected]