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10-19-2018, 03:01 PM

Standard connection time to NDI source about 2.-3 seconds even if app has provided IP address and port. But Tricaster connection time less than 200ms...Is it possible to have the same connection times in own application via NDI SDK?

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My measurements in Linux - exactly 2 seconds:
- exactly 1 second on NDIlib_recv_create_v3
- another exactly 1 second after NDIlib_recv_create_v3 but before first video packet...Metadata and status changes come just after NDIlib_recv_create_v3 but video data delayed on 1 second.

10-19-2018, 08:00 PM
I found that first delay on NDIlib_recv_create_v3 because of nanosleep in NDIlib_recv_create_v4. I don't know reason for unconditional nanosleep for 1 second but in my test without nanosleep it still works fine but just without delay. Now my app got audio frames just in 6-10ms after NDIlib_recv_create_v3. But video frames still delayed for 1 second and I see the same behavior in Windows NDI SDK. And because it is exactly 1 second and does not matter FPS or etc ....is it possible that it is another delay in input video queue? Because Tricaster does not have such delay and video display immediately.