View Full Version : some little useful workflow elements

12-31-2003, 01:03 AM
Hello LW developement team.

In the past I started to learn Softimage. One of the things I appreciate more in this software is the possibility to recall a command after that it has been used for the first time without having to navigate again along menus or having to put the same datas again.
To do that you have just to clik with the middle mouse button in the main voice of the menu where the comman belong.

I make an example in lightwave modeler: if you want to subdivide more times a poligon you have everytime to wait the pop up of the window say OK and then call it again.
Wouldn't it more easy that after i used this command for the first time to clik with the middle mouse button (or something else) and reapply it with the same input?
This function would be welcome in many situation and speed up many repeating task.
Then please put the possibility to link the datas in texture values or similar.
It's a shame that still in version 7.5 we have to put the same value for x also in y and z when we want them to be the same.

Then please if it is possible make animable EVERY PARAMETERS IN LIGHTWAVE including little things like distance dissolve and similar.

hope to find these things in lw8

Best regards