View Full Version : 3play issues logging into Facebook

Mplex Prod
09-20-2018, 09:40 PM
Hey all,

Im having issues logging into Facebook account on 3play 440. I start up 3play as normal, click on the facebook icon (top right) The window opens up, Saying Facebook requires authentication via web browser, press connect.
I press the connect button, a seperate pane opens up with a red warning icon and a message saying "You are not logged in, you are not logged in, Please log in and try again" *See pictures attached*

I have also tried exiting 3play, gone into windows directly and logged into facebook normally via IE web browser. And then returned to 3play and tried again.. and still same warning issue.

Has anyone also had this failed logging in issue? or know of any work arounds to try to get logged in?