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09-14-2018, 02:14 PM
The folks at Digitla Carvers Guild have open sourced several of their lightwave plugins. I'm taking a stab at getting Ground Control working (and then expanding and improving) under LW 2018.

What I need is for those who have been using it under LW 2015 or earlier to send me sample files with both input files and the resultant output (for comparison testing) or point me to online sources for files they know work with it. The current builds work with most of the formats, but not all and I want to make sure that the 2018 functionality is identical to what 2015 enjoys before moving on to improvents.

The original open source project is at DCG's github repo: https://github.com/ewinemiller/dcg

My fork of the project is at: https://github.com/scottbragg/GroundControl

I'll be chronicalling the changes, improvments and other fun and games with this project at a geek blog I started a few years ago that lay dormant for a while. This seemed the appropriate time to breathe some new life into it's torpid corpose.


If you have anything you think might help, drop me a note on here or on my github repo. I welcome any and all contributions to this project. DCG gave this great plugin to the community, so let's do something great with it.


09-14-2018, 05:43 PM
Glad your back on it Scott. The .img files at HiRise are about the biggest files in size that i have tried with GC.

What we need is a UI that pops up and then asks us to browse to the file we want to install as opposed to how it works now and just hope that GC can load it. Ive had some flakey stuff when trying to load some things, just crashes with no explanation as to why.

09-17-2018, 11:55 PM
I've been able to load a few of the larger files from there successfully so far. Their libary isn't the easiest to navigate, though. The largest I found was just over 600MB and ended up being about 4km by 6km and 500 million polys at 1 to 1. It loaded fine at 10 to 1 but not at 1 to 1. On my laptop, Windows OOM-Killed LW while converting it (expected) and my workstation (32GB ram) also crashed LW, but I'm not sure if that was the file size or other issues. I'm installing a copy of LW on a virtual node this week with 256GB ram and 32 Cores to see if that'll handle the file at 1 to 1. I really do want to get an idea of a practical ceiling on the current code base.

A more practical interface is one of the things I want to do, as well as conversion of the 32bit data files to an image format so that the plugin isn't invoked when the objects using those files as bump maps are loaded with scenes.

09-22-2018, 05:56 PM
Hi Scott,

Yeah as i said it can be very flakey indeed sometimes, The Hi Rise stuff was about the biggest datasets i found. I have had up and down success and its not really about size of the dataset. Thats why we need to make the settings first before we load the dataset in, its very hit and miss but the HiRise stuff can end up with LW objects of up to and beyond a Gb in size. I think allot of the problem is actually the file format its saved in and what saved it. IMG from HiRise is mostly fine but i have had IMG from Earth Explorer and it would not load it at all, it did not recognise the format at all. Terragen TER files seem to be mostly good as well.

What we really need it something to input GeoTiff and Heightmap data which would give us the subdivision where needed but where its not then dont. We can all make a heavily subdivided plane of a million polys and then displace it with a heightmap or displacement map, but its not a good way to do it, we are creating geometry where its not needed on the flat areas, so its not an efficient workflow when you are working with large datasets. DEM data now is pretty much dead from what i can see, STRM, IMG GeoTiff and such are what most use, also Lidar data but thats mostly for earth.

I look forward to seeing how you do.