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09-08-2018, 01:50 PM

I know some of you are using AR Portfolio to make a little side money from local businesses, so I wanted to give you an improved tool to help with that. Image tracking now works in Android, and I've made it super simple to use.

(this will be available in iOS with iOS 12, next week, but I can't publish that until iOS 12 actually ships)

Some of my AR Portfolio users have asked if it was possible to make an app like that wine bottle AR app that plays a video when it detects an image. Or to show a movie preview on the DVD case of a movie. Or to do any number of things related to movies and image tracking. With this version, it's easy.

Okay, so here are some use cases that you can capitalize on:
You could put your demo reel on the back of your business card, with a QR code to your app. With this kit, it takes very little effort to publish your own app, and that's a hell of a marketing gimmick for you and your business.

You can now do custom video overlays for movie and event posters. If you're making a rendered movie in LightWave, there's a good chance you're making it for something that will have a physical component. With ARP, you can build an app to accompany that, and even sell that.

Packaging for toys -- Again I'm thinking movies here, but an an animation obviously works as well. Same concept. Drag and drop your object into the slot for image tracking, and you're set.

Exhibit signs -- you can make an app for a museum, for example, that would pop up more info about an exhibit if the user looks at its sign with their phone.

... I'm sure there are other uses, too! If you have any suggestions for uses for this, speak up. I'm going to put together some examples for all of them.

Anyway, this is all in version 2.1, which is available now. If you bought an earlier copy, it's the same link you got in your email. I'll be posting this video to the secret page in a bit, as well.

This video is less than 5 minutes long, and in it, I go from concept to finished product. It's that easy.


Get AR Portfolio 2.1 here:

Good hunting,
-Chilton Webb