View Full Version : 16bit or 32bit depth maps at reasonable file sizes?

08-28-2018, 07:55 PM
I already know how to create depth map renders but my issue is in having the renders come out as "banding free" as possible. The thing is that I would like to create a product to sell online and I want to provide good quality height/micro-displacement images but I always have the issue with banding especially when I try out the maps as micro-displacements. So I thought that either 16bit or 32bit was the way to go (although I may be wrong there). Can anyone suggest a simple setup for ways to get 16bit or 32bit renders and at which would be the best format to save them in?

The second issue would be that that format would have to result in reasonably low file sizes because, if I were to have multiple height maps at 4k resolution, this might not bode well for the website selling the product due to limited product zip file size.
So, for this second part, I'm looking for a middle ground where I can have the right file format, decent file size and decent usage results.

If anyone has any suggestions then that would be appreciated.


Revanto :p