View Full Version : DeepPaint vs BodyPaint2

12-30-2003, 02:41 PM

I've downloaded and I'm trying out the latest demos for DP & BP2.
I'd like to see some feedback about functionality that one has over the other. I'm not too interested in opinions of the interface (becauase if that's the only difference - I like the PhotoShop-like interface of DP.) Because the demos are not full versions (BP2 can't save), I'd hate to discover major flaws or functionality missing from either product after I purchased one.

I'm hoping for feedback like:

BodyPaint-2 can't do X, Y , Z which DeepPaint can...


DeepPaint can't do I, J, or K


p.s. The LW8 demos are awesome! It's really apparent how much everyone appreciates seeing them.