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08-12-2018, 04:14 AM
VMC1 (Build 180613) - but applies to all products I presume...

Unfortunately we faced some stability issues with our brand new VMC1:
- One sudden bluescreen and restart.
- Opening of streaming setting windows sometimes not responsive and then all is locked.
- After working two days fine, the recording for replay to DDR is not responsive, after some minutes all clips which had been tried to create before appear suddenly in the DDR, it works short fine, then again not responsive.

I made some Fogbugz report, but the problem is that it is sometimes hard to give useful information to your team.
Just reporting "We had suddenly a blue screen" is obviously quiet useless.

Even Windows 10 blue screen does not give *any* information anymore. We can try to dig some Windows logs, if you know where to find and if it is a Windows problem...
And if I am not mistaken as well the "Switcher Memory" is not shown anymore on the VMC1.

So my question is if it would be possible to create some Tricaster log file, where errors, warnings, memory states, disk states etc. could be logged live?
Then this file could be attached in fogbugz and might highly increase the support for your team to trace bugs and reasons for malfunctioning.
Or maybe there is even a logfile already, very well hidden?

Many thanks,

08-12-2018, 09:08 AM
There is a log file stored in the session folder. It keeps track of the last five runs on the session. The information in it is not easy to read, usually something that support needs to work with, some messages in the log that might seems to say there is a problem don't mean that at all, while other information that seems to mean nothing could be the key.

Have you contacted support? Blue screens are a serious issue and could mean a hardware problem that no software will fix. Support might ask for the log file to get a better idea of what is going on, but if you haven't started a case with support you should do that first. Until a case it started, NewTek has no idea that you are having issues.

The next major version of VMC1 (and TC1) will have a notification center feature, this will be a central location that messages (error, warning, info) will be displayed for a session. The logs will still contain more information, but this will be a place for end user messages to be displayed.

08-12-2018, 09:47 AM
Dear Kane,

Appreciate very much!
Both info about current log and plans for notification center: thumbs up!