View Full Version : Volumedic status?

08-11-2018, 11:12 AM
What´s the status on that plugin, last update and release, planned continued releases? and compability with Lightwave 2015 and 2018?
The last info I got by the FAQ on the site is Lightwave 10.

08-12-2018, 04:33 AM
should work, for 2015, probably not for 2018
download demo here > http://www.volumedic.com/html/vm_features_ce.htm

Elmar Moelzer
08-12-2018, 06:26 AM
VoluMedic is working fine with LightWave 2018. The biggest problem is that the OpenGL preview will look a bit too dark due to the way lights behave in 2018. The work around is to have a dedicated strong OpenGL only light. Presets are also affected due to the change in the way lights work. All of these things can easily be adjusted though.