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08-09-2018, 09:55 AM
Layout 2018 menus, tools, and option settings
I am certain I am not the first to ask this question. So perhaps this should be a sticky.

I just updated from 2015.3 to 2018. Many of the menu items have moved elsewhere and I am having to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find where a a lot of items have been moved to. It took me over an hour to find where the reconstruction filters move to.

For the sake pf expediency can Lightwave be configured to a older menu interface such as 2015? This would not be an unusual request as many applications let you configure the application to an earlier revision interface. Or is there a document detailing what was moved and to where it was moved?

I hope this is a case otherwise Newtek just forced me to waste a lot of time going in and having to do this menu item by menu item even if that is possible. Also I am finding that some objects do not show up when viewed in Texture shaded mode but show up in VPR and Wireframe. What gives? :cursin::tsktsk:

08-12-2018, 09:00 AM
A couple of suggestions: first, I use Google search quite a bit with searches like "LW2018 reconstruction filter", which will give me the online documentation pages for matching items. I that page, it says in the first paragraph:

Reconstruction filters are not set on the Camera Properties panel, but rather per buffer in the Buffer tab of the Render Properties panel.

Second, I use the Edit=>Edit Menu Layout search option quite a bit. Enter a search string in the box, find the Command you want, click on it to highlight and press Find to locate it in the menu hierarchy.

142488 142489

Third, if you really want old-style menu layouts, you can select a variety of prior version menu Presets in the Edit Menu Layout panel:


HOWEVER, in this case the Reconstruction Filters have been moved into the per-buffer management in LW2018, so even selecting an older menu layout might not (probably won't) revert to the older Camera Properties panel, so searching the documentation (as above) would be required.

RE: not showing up in Texture Shaded mode, don't know. Maybe the close clipping distance - try reducing the grid size with bracket ("[") if the object is quite small and close to the camera.

Good luck!