View Full Version : Something similar to Delta Mush in LW?

08-08-2018, 08:30 PM
I came across this video ages ago and wondered if Lightwave has something similar to Delta Mush?


The video istself is pretty good IF we were to have something like this in LW. But just having something like Delta Mush itself in LW would be good enough for some decent deformation nonetheless.

I know that there was a weird technique years ago where you would create an organic model and then make a 'deflated' version. The 'deflated' version would have the bones and the normal version would be the morphed version after the bone deformation which, in turn, would provide better skinning. But this sort of trick seems a bit inconvenient and tedious.

I don't really animate and haven't for ages but I would still like to pose my model so having something similar to Delta Mush for Maya would be a really neat thing to have.

Does Lightwave have anything similar?

Revanto :p

08-09-2018, 05:36 AM
Default mode of LightWave is to have bones not assigned to any specific vertex (and vice versa), but it's calculated in real-time, as a function of distance (or distance squared, etc.) from vertex to bone (or so).

What is showed on your video, in the beginning of video, is that character has assigned absolute influence of bone on vertex i.e. it can be only 0% or 100%..
In LightWave you can get such effect only if you will use "Weight Only", and paint the all vertexes with 0% and 100% exclusively..
(in game engines such vertex-bone assignment is dream situation, as it requires the less possible math operations.. but it's very mechanical animation... otherwise there is needed blending in influence of one bone on vertex with other bone influence on the same vertex (it could be repeated with other bones).. )