View Full Version : How much system resources are used when recording program output to external drive

08-03-2018, 02:40 PM

I was let down by my $1K ISOCORDER PRO software.
Recorded a broadcast over NDI. (and only one stream! Just the program output of the TC-1) It was fine for first part but I found out after the fact that somewhere over the 30 minute mark it started dropping frames to the point its unusable.
Never again.
It was fine the first couple times I used it.

If I hook up an external E Sata drive to record program output, how much system resources does that take up on the switcher?
I ask because my TC-1 gets sluggish, (although latest beta software seems to have cleared this up)
I thought Isocorder pro was going to be my answer but I even if I figure out what happened on the Isocorder Pro (it wasnt bandwith, fiber 1000up/1000 down) I think now its best to be paranoid and have backups.
I just dont want to overload my TC-1.


08-03-2018, 06:18 PM
The TC1 is designed to record up to 4 channels of video. eSATA could be used, but you do have to make sure the drive meets the specs. Here are minimum drive specs:

3.5" SATA
32mb or better cache
No green or power saving drives

I also recommend that the drive be formatted NTFS, but exFAT should also work. Other formats like FAT or FAT32 have file size limitation which will not work.

IsoRecorder wants the same specs for recording media. What video format are you trying to record? One channel of recording shouldn't have a problem on just about anything, so it makes me think that something has to be very under spec.