View Full Version : Character Animation in [8] ??

12-30-2003, 03:22 AM
With the new bone tools I wonder if this will be fixed:

- rig character
- animate character
- make actor in Motion Mixer
- map actor (Will we be able to load and save map(channel)states)
- record motionclips into Motion Mixer
- save motionclips to .hmot

- make new character
- use and adjust old rig
- make actor in Motion Mixer
- load actor map
- load motionclips (and therefore easy reuse of all animations on adjusted rig)

- bake motions to bones (FK, IK, Expressions, Nested expressions, Plugins ... everything)
- can baked motions be optimized/simplified/key-reduced (PS: I know every plugin for CA)
- MDScan character
- remove rig and reuse MD-data on character
- retime MD-data and at rendertime reading them from DISK...NOT loading them completely into Memory

Let's hope, wait and see....:)

PS: I put this in support since I don't see this as a feature request but more as something that should have worked since its implementation !!!

12-30-2003, 07:45 AM