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07-31-2018, 06:26 AM
the nice thing about the old FiberFX is that it used strokes, and therefore had nice antialiasing.

in FiberFX 2018 however, it creates a more noisy result, especially for animation.

how do other applications go about this?

example from another app >


additional note, if someone can test...
using a trial here 2018.1 tip transparency is broken ?
does 2018.5 work with tip transparency ?

edit, hm... so it seems to work

07-31-2018, 08:34 AM
I use the tip transparency with Octane and everything works well. This, of course, different nodes, but the FFX system itself works fine.

07-31-2018, 08:36 AM
edit, hm... so it seems to work

thanks,   yes, not sure why, the tip renders black where it should be transparent,
either a mistake by me or LW2018.1   will check further...

07-31-2018, 01:26 PM
but the FFX system itself works fine.

You might want to stand near a lightning rod when making such statements. :devil:

07-31-2018, 03:10 PM
not on top though...


07-31-2018, 08:47 PM
IMHO, FFX is a finicky beast. One wrong bit of data somewhere, and it goes down, often times taking layout with it. The dynamic load / offload of fibers on a per frame basis leads to lag... and it gets worse with every layer you add...


That being ranted, the work around for the lack of AA in fur and hair is to increase the number of camera AA passes. It's an unacceptable work around, especially for those concerned about render times. What, however, can be done to ameliorate / eliminate it? Per object AA levels? Automatically doubling AA samples on the fiber primitive? Giving FFX a sample setting of its own?

08-01-2018, 08:00 AM
Yeah fine lines (such as FFX) is one reason to raise minimum samples above 1, or else it will 'miss' and you'll get gaps and missing bits in the lines. AA in LW has always been a bit weak on 'fine' lines, it's not specifically an issue with FFX. Hopefully that can be looked at more in the future.

08-01-2018, 06:15 PM
Giving FFX a sample setting of its own?

It always seemed kind of odd to me that wasn't there from the start -- most other distinct "special material" types have their own sample controls (refl/refr, SSS, volumetrics), so why don't fiber layers? The exact same justification for the other "special material" types needing specific sampling controls seem every bit as valid regarding fiber layers. At the least, having some kind of per-layer "sampling multiplier" (on top of a scene "FFX samples" setting) would help mitigate scale differences between different fiber layers.

Worth filing a feature request. You want to, or shall I?

08-01-2018, 06:42 PM
I'll let you.

08-02-2018, 11:30 PM
I'll let you.

Will do so tomorrow, have a bug and another f.req to file as well.

08-03-2018, 06:38 PM
Will do so tomorrow, have a bug and another f.req to file as well.

Filed as LWF-1989 ("FFX layers need sample controls").

Paul Goodrich
10-17-2018, 05:01 PM

I seem to have found a bug, maybe. in trying to add fiber fx on a object created in 2015 and then adding the fibers in 2018. What seems to happen is when I open up the fiber fx window in modeler and do anything at all when I click OK, modeler crashes out. Every time. Is this a known issue? I've uploaded the file. If anyone else can take a look at it and let me know if it's my system or something else it would be greatly appreciated. I'm on OSX 10.10. Thanks

Paul Goodrich
10-18-2018, 07:53 AM
Well, found a work around. Lightwave fiber fx doesn't like 2015 models opened in 2018. I was able to get it working by exporting my 2015 model to .obj and then opening and then saving the .obj as a 2018 model.

10-18-2018, 09:56 AM
Another work around is to load it into Modeler 2018 and save it out as an LWO3 (A normal save).

However, if you load a 2015 scene into layout 2018, it does this for you.

Paul Goodrich
10-18-2018, 11:51 AM
Thanks, hadn't thought of that. That way it will save my morphs and other maps. I'm trying to do something similar to your cat (My character's a wolf head) So I'm just looking at fur really. What's the best way to do this and groom it? Could I use your style tools and scripts? I'm not sure how to go about it as most tutorials are about hair (and long hair with guides). Thanks again.

10-18-2018, 03:01 PM
For fur, the style combing tool should get you 90% there.You can then use edit guides to clean it up a bit.

The hair tools are for modeling guides for long hair, though they could be used for fur...