View Full Version : High Sierra eGPU set-up for LW Octane Render?

07-26-2018, 06:20 AM

OTOY are very good with their support but (obviously) you can't budge the Nvidia GPU requirement.

I'm riunning 2 late 2013 iMacs and recently the OS updates and Nvidia's web/CUDA driver updates are way out of sync... 2013 iMac is almost too far out of the Beta to work and the more recent iMac pro/Mac pro's have AMD cards.

Octane Render for LW 2018, AKAIK is still coming?

Enter Apple's recent support for Thunderbolt eGPU's, it appears straightforward but it's still a hack.

I am going down that road but is anyone doing it now?

Octane Render is that good and screw C4D :)


07-26-2018, 08:07 AM
AFAIK it is very good from what I have heard.
Being on a Mac with even a modern AMD gpu I am out of the game for Octane (until the promised AMD support arrives, dont know why its so hard, Davinci/Fusion support Nvidia/AMD/intel gpus).

Personally though I am happy with LWs built in renderer.......:p

07-26-2018, 10:09 AM
Thanks Markc,

nothing against LW render it's great and use it daily (promised AMD workaround is bunk...) but Octane boots LW to an whole new level right there.

An Nvidia GPU is what/all you need for Octane ... Apple now supports external GPU's via Thunderbolt casings albeit reluctantly, but it's not that simple.

Not sure how you match say an Nvidia GTX 1180 with an applicable Thunderbolt case for Mac OS xxx?

Will post when I figure it out prob with iMac pro and some getting up Apple's butt.