View Full Version : Setting an IP address for a Control Panel on isolated network

07-18-2018, 09:14 AM
We're just setting up our new studio...

Our new Netgear S3300 switch is on an isolated network. Is it possible to set an IP address for the 2-stripe control panel to enable it to communicate with our VMC1 without a built-in DHCP server?

We also have the same issue for our other NDI devices (12x PC workstations, 1x panasonic 4k PTZ, 2x I/O modules)

thanks in advance

07-18-2018, 10:48 AM
DHCP is not required for NDI (but it does make things easier!)

For the computer devices, just put in a static address and you will be good.

For the control surface, you should speak with customer support to go over what needs to be done. http://new.tk/support