View Full Version : Relativity Speaking...?

07-16-2018, 06:38 AM
Couple questions, am I missing something, or does Relativity not talk to the rest of the channels?

I have a tire rotating thanks to Dr Wheel's, and I want to make multiple other wheels do the same with Channel Follower. I also have a null object I want to rotate in reverse proportion , so the camera null moves around with the tire, but stays upright.

I know I can just copy the Relativity motion mixer channel onto the rest of the tires, and a modified one onto the null - that's what i have done - but it would be nicer if they were all following the one should i want to edit it... and in general, I'd like to be able to talk to Relatively anything... ?

07-16-2018, 07:07 AM
not an expert, but i don't think that is possible.

Relativity is always the last step.  (afaik)