View Full Version : DJI telemetry import for camera tracking

07-11-2018, 02:34 PM
Hello everyone. Iíve been using lightsaber for over 20 years. I have recently started to use DJI drones for filming. I was wondering if anyone knew of a plug-in that could import the telemetry data that DJI transmits to help with Camera matching and layout?

If no one knows of a system or plug-in that can do this, I would like to know the level Of interest in a plug-in that could accomplish this.

DJI makes the information readily available through their SDK. It would seem to me fairly straightforward conversion to the camera animation script.


07-11-2018, 05:01 PM
The question that will come from your query is what is the output of their data.
If it is csv or some such format, there are easy ways to bring it in.

Most of the flight controllers output in their format from which you can output another. I fly the pixhawk system and it allows me to output in csv for other apps. Oliver and others have plugins for ingesting such data into lightwave.

Invaluable if re-creating or needing to interact with video of an event in the air.

Fun stuff.