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07-08-2018, 08:27 PM
Hey all, just thought I'd share my new tutorial, using Mocha Pro to add tattoos to an actor in a video. In this case the actor is me. I'll post more tutorials here as I make them if you guys care to see.


07-08-2018, 10:10 PM
Hey Phil,

A fairly simple tutorial but shows some things in a different manner that I think every up and coming Mocha user will encounter. A good over view of some of the features & abilities cetainly.

If you haven't you might consider posting a link over at: https://forum.borisfx.com/c/mochapro

07-09-2018, 01:01 PM
Thanks I'll post there. Honestly I'm a new user too, they gave me the license to make some tutorials, so thanks to Boris FX too.

07-09-2018, 07:46 PM
Thanks I'll post there. Honestly I'm a new user too, they gave me the license to make some tutorials, so thanks to Boris FX too.

I'm sure you'll get encouragement from all there, particularly Mary & Martin.

I'm sneeking up on asking a producer I've been working with off and on for permission (again) to do up little "making of" piece of a shot he had me do. The project is his documentary done 20+ years ago on 16mm that won tons of wards, and he's taking it to full HD. In doing so he wants to competely redo all the hunderds of AE moves done on stills.

One particular shot wasn't a still but rather s hand held shot done on 8mm color negative film. I got it as full HD ProRes file (some issues there too), but w/o any color correction. In any case, it just looks absolutley stunning when cut in with the 16mm work & I look at it on my HD monitor. I played around reducing the grain then decided it looked much better w/o doing that.

Anyway, the shot is of a steam locomotive coming out into a forest clearing & a gentle curve to the right. In the lower left of the frame is small narrow country road with fences on both sides and in the foregound is just empty green pasture. Just as we just start to see the first cars of the train, a small red car like a Renault or such enters from frame left along the curve of the road and fencing and exits frame left, all in about 4 secs. The train slowly continues to the right, steram billowing and the camera pans with it until the cut just before it exits frame at about 23 secs. The shot was taken in the 60's & needed to look like the early '40s. The tasks were to of course color correct but it needed to be extended smoothly about 7%, and have some subtle stabilization smoothing as well.

Oh, and remove the little red car.

07-09-2018, 07:54 PM
I'm actually thinking of doing a Remove tutorial. I figured out how to remove a guy walking in some footage I shot in Japan but am having a little trouble with it so I have to play with it some more.

07-09-2018, 11:57 PM
Well when ya get to that point & running into issues, get in touch. I'm using the current stand alone as I've CS6. Once I get that drive to copy my work back over, I hope the mocha work is intact. It should be.

I'll also hoping to test an issue that came up with codecs. I know, how utterly rare. Just going by memory as my notes (& billing info <sigh>) were part of what I lost in the unfortunate drive restoration incident in the Winter of '18. As I recall, AE had no problem with the ProRez mov, but Mocha was having none of it. So, I had to convert to a file sequence. No real problem. I'll go with EXR. Simple, realtively small. AE handles it well. Fine. Mocha likes 'em too. We're all set. Do the work, get to a point to test & export out an exr sequence. OK, on a roll.

But now it's AE's turn to balk. WHAT THE ??? The'se are files that YOU just wrote. AH, but that's NOT what Mocha is writing back out. AE writes & is expecting for input 10-bit EXR's and Mocha is writing 12- bit ??? I believe it was. Wonderful. Just ry to find a converter?

So at the time, Mocha was still Imagineer Systems and of course right in the middle of trying to suss al of this out, BorisFX buys them and the forum, tech support, etc. just vanished overnight. Tracked them down finally of course & it was a bit of a surprise to most involved. So, my EXR issue was noted but too late for the current build. Suppose I could always test that with some other file, but I've enough plates spinning up on sticks at the moment. They're about to go into an new beta phase shortly so maybe the timing will jive for once.

It's always somethin'.