View Full Version : Preset Shelf and Lights problem with LW2018

07-04-2018, 09:23 AM
Having a problem getting LW to save a preset for an ies light in LW2018.

Been using the Presets tools with OD Tools (really nice once I got it set up correctly), but this seems to be outside of that.

To witness the problem, start a new scene, change the light out to an ies type then with it selected, open the Presets shelf F8 and change to the This User or some other library.

From the Wiki:
The Preset Shelf is a resizable floating window that holds a list of previews along with all of the associated settings in Modeler and Layout. It can be used for settings with surfaces, volumetric lights, HyperVoxels, Bullet Dynamics, Flocking, Navigation devices and more. It is accessed using the Presets button (Windows > Presets) or from some plugin panels. You add to the shelf by double-clicking on the preview, if one exists on the panel (e.g., Surface Editor), or by using the Save Preset button found on panels supporting Presets. The shelf survives from session to session.

With the light selected, create a new Preset. Your suppose to be able to do that by double clicking the preview, but for Lights that doesn't work. So instead, RMB click in the Preset Panel itself. It creates a thumbnalil but notice that it's listed as a Surface Preset.

Now, change the color of the light, intensity, whatever, something obvious, and save a new preset. Change the light to another ies & repeat so you've 3-4 obviously different Presets.

Now, try loading any of those back onto the light. Nothing.

I mention that I've been using the OD Tools presets tools and with it, I don't even get a thumbnail which is what got me started on investigating this. When I switch to the OD IES Presets, the LW Preset Shelf closes and the OD IES panel opens When I try, there's a brief pause, the panel blinks but nothing gets added.

I'll file a bug report but wanted to get feedback & confirmation from some others first. Maybe Oliver can check in on this but I don't think it's a problem with his tools but rather something upstream that Lightwave is or isn't doing correctly.