View Full Version : can not change view with numtab keys multiple times (mac)

07-04-2018, 08:39 AM
im unable to change view (front, top, right, perspective…) multiple times without clicking in the viewport.
i need to click in the viewport any time i change the view, that annoing a lot because i so often change view (saved under the numeric keypad)
this hapens since lightwave 10 on mac and never has gone still now (2018.0.5).
someone is experiencing this to?

07-04-2018, 11:56 AM
Works fine for me, I just have to hover my mouse cursor on desired viewport, then numeric keys change the view as expected, without need for clicking. LW 2018.0.5 on a 6.1 MacPro with latest update of High Sierra.

07-04-2018, 02:30 PM
High Sierra also, 2018.0.5, woks fine here, though I have numerics panel open permanently and this causes me window focus problems forcing me to click in the viewport to get it back again, but it never seems to affect number pad window selection

07-06-2018, 08:34 AM
im talking about modeler, sory i forgot specifie that. even if all panels closed im unable to switch view multiple times without clicking inbetween on the viewport. feels bad to work …

07-06-2018, 11:35 PM
Works fine for me, 2018.5 Modeler. I need to save the view using CTRL-<number> first, but after saving, (presuming window is focus) I can switch views at will, without having to re-click in the viewport.

07-07-2018, 12:09 AM
Works fine for me in modeler, too. BTW, I didn't know this workflow, so I assigned the same keys as in 3D-Coat. Never to late to learn a new trick ! :)